Cor Química is a family business manufacturer and distributor of solvents for the industry that helps to create value for its customers. We make it possible. With quickness and professionalism, whatever you need in terms of solvents you will have it. Connecting Solvents. We are the “bridge” between the major solvent manufacturers and your company. Experience. More than 50 years in the markets of Spain and Portugal. Trust. The certainty of being in good hands. We are your best advisor, your partner and associate in the solvent´s market. Our headquarters are in Valdemoro, Madrid, with commercial offices throughout Spain and Portugal. Our passion for what we do generates opportunities.

Why is Cor Química your best supplier?

Because it’s not just chemistry.

Everything we believe in, everything we do is to improve our customer’s lives. We think and act differently, making good, safe products that create value. The result of this passion is the solvents we manufacture and sell.

Because you’re going to be calm

You will know that you will receive the raw material you need, how and when you want. Focus on your business, we put the solvents.

Because we are competitive, efficient, and our solvents and alcohols quality is contrasted

We supply to the most demanding industries. We are very integrated internally, and this allows us to be very efficient.

Because we love our work and we work more and better.

We go to work to give everything, not to spend time, and that has a great reward: when we finish we are tired, yes, but enormously satisfied for having helped our clients.

Because our clients are our partners

We look for solutions to the client’s needs, and we explore new ways in the development of those solutions (manufacturing a specific mixture, offering the best alternative –e.g. more competitive products, more efficient, etc).

Because we build your confidence every day

Our commercial team is here to advise you of the market´s evolution, always seeking to reduce the impact of market fluctuations. We like and believe in long-term relationships with our clients.

Because we are always next to our partner

If there is an occasional problem – for example, a strike or a shortage in the international market – we communicate it immediately to offer a realistic solution with an honest forecast.

Because we are a cheerful company

We go to work to give 100%, but also to make those around us happy, and there are our customers.


Be the reference supplier in that we are experts: solvents, mixtures and alcohols for the industry. Generate long-term solutions and relationships with our clients. The supply of solvents will not be a problem in your production processes. We bring our knowledge (know how) to our partners’ needs, collaborating and providing solutions and answers to everything they need.


We believe in what we do: Passion: it is the force that drives us, the determination to improve every day in our work. Agility: provide the best service. Quality: the best products at the best prices. Reliability: provide the right products according to our customers’ needs.


1 / Service in 48 hours maximum in Spain and Portugal, if it were necessary

2 / Respond in any situation to our clients. At critical moments of solvent availability, we have always responded to our customers, guaranteeing them products at reasonable prices.

3 / Traceability. We work with companies in the pharmaceutical area, fine chemicals, paints, automotive, etc. We know the products quality´s importance and the supplied product traceability´s control and therefore we act accordingly.

4 / All our facilities are authorized for the chemical products storage being the most modern installation of its style in the center of Spain. We can therefore act as an external warehouse our customers.

5 / We adapt to the client´s particular specifications regarding the products consumed.


Old installations of Cor Química in Getafe (Madrid) in the 80s.

We are proud of our past, but adapted and prepared for the present and the future. We want to go ahead of market demands. The group of Cor Química began its activity in the 60s distributing alcohols and solvents, being one of the first distribution companies of solvents and alcohols in Spain. Our beginnings were in Madrid capital, in Rodriguez Villarejo Street (Legazpi), with the sale mainly of alcohols, acetone and isopropyl alcohol. Over the years and due to rapid growth, it was necessary to move to larger facilities in Getafe (Torneros Street). More products, more sales, more customers, in 2001 there was a new transfer to the current facilities in Valdemoro, again more extensive, and leading in the market in materials, security measures, etc.


Chemists, Pharmacists, Economists, Lawyers, Occupational Risks and Marketing Experts, Warehouse professionals and highly trained drivers, all of us who are part of Cor Quimica, work with the same objective: keep being the reference supplier in the solvents area in Spain. We continually do training courses to be up to date on the latest market trends, like technologies, security, etc.