We have facilities that meet all safety requirements for the storage of chemical products and are perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers. For the handling of solvents, we rely on a staff with extensive experience and all the necessary habilities.

Our headquarters are located in Valdemoro (Madrid). The location was opened in 2002 and has 12,000 m2. We have 4 tank loading / unloading stations, one industrial building for product filling of 1,500 m2 and one storage warehouse (transit of packaged product) of another 1,500 m2.

We have commercial delegations throughout Spain and also in Portugal.

The products are analyzed and stored in Cor Quimica and later distributed through trucks. A large part of the trucks are ours, which allows us to provide a better service and serve our customers in the shortest possible time.


One of the fundamental pillar of our Company is to give the possible service to our clients. Serve how much, how and when our client wants. Thanks to our geographical location, we can provide a quick and efficient response to the needs of our clients.

We are experts in the supply of all types of containers: bulk, drums, IBCs, cans, and others.



Other services

In addition to the distribution of chemical products we give other services such as:



As to our customers optimize their warehouse area (they do not have to accumulate stocks) and avoid the intrinsic risks to the storage of dangerous goods, we provide “Just in Time” logistics.


There are industries in the market with very intensive solvent consumption and any delay in the supply of the solvent in question can cause very important problems (in many cases it is a product that goes into all the production processes, as is the case of alcohol in the perfumery products, if there is no alcohol, they can’t manufacture).

With solvent suppliers, especially if they are multinational or foreign, it is difficult to achieve such agile services. To avoid these problems, Cor Química has developed the concept of Emergency Supplier, acquiring the engagement with these specific customers to supply the solvents in no more than 24-48 hours if necessary.


It is a service highly valued in the market. On numerous occasions, it does not make sense for the customer to make the mixture himself (increasing the risks due to handling flammable products and possible losses, forcing himself to have more stocks of raw material, etc.).

  • We have our own proven formulas in the market that work very well.
  • We can make the mixtures that the clients indicate us keeping the required confidentiality.
  • We prepare the documentation of the mixture and advise on its use.


We are specialists in the packaging of containers, drums, cans of 25 and 5 liters, and cans and cans of 1 liter and a half liter. We do it both with our own brand and with the client’s. Contact us.